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Gold River Investigations

Working with Management to Achieve Long Term Value

Gold River Investigations offers value to your organization by conducting proactive investigations, working closely with management and supervision, “sending a message” to all employees that the company will not tolerate unethical or biased behavior on the part of their staff.  Proactive investigations is your best defense, and taking action to minimize your possible legal exposure, and demonstrating that should a lawsuit be filed, that the issues were investigated and appropriately dealt with in a timely and equitable fashion.

Our experience investigations include employee theft, allegations of sexual harassment, and inappropriate coworker treatment based on religion and sexual preference.

Timely investigations of assisted-living and/or skilled nursing care may provide the necessary answers to resolve complicated legal issues.

Workplace Investigations

“Due Diligence is the Best Defense.”

Companies often find themselves often the focus of a lawsuit asserting that they failed to recognize employee misconduct or providing for a safe employee work environment.  In the midst of difficult economic challenges, managers find it increasingly difficult to foresee and prevent employee allegations of sexual harassment, physical violence, or unethical racial, or religious employee behaviors.

The best defense is calling on independent, unbiased source to investigate and assure that offenders are identified and appropriately managed.


Ignoring chronic and often repetitive illegal or unethical behaviors, such as repeated sexual advances against an employee, could be a recipe for a large and costly lawsuit.

* Employee Theft

* Sexual Harassment

* Workplace Violence

* EEOC Claims

* Pre-Employment Verification

* Criminal History Check

* Credit Report

* DMV Driver License

* Professional License

* Scholastic Verification

* Professional References