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Gold River Investigations

Insurance Fraud (SIU) Investigations

“Trust but Verify.”  

Stressed economic times have led to an increase of insurance fraud, both in terms of organized crime and the individual who finds himself unable to meet his obligations.  Our courteous investigators maintain a professional demeanor conducting interviews with the insured and/or claimants under the most difficult of circumstances, assuring the client has the information necessary to properly reserve and/or deny the claim.

Not all claims of suspicious origins are necessarily fraudulent.  Only a thorough investigation will determine whether further legal action should be taken to the fan and/or deny the claim.

We share your objective to diligently and fairly evaluate the legal issues and conduct an investigation accordingly, in order to bring a case to a prompt and equitable conclusion.  Intentional submission of a fraudulent claim is, however, a felony and should be brought to the attention of the district attorney consistent with the client's policies.

Industry sources estimate that 20% of the insurance premium involved fraudulent or exaggerating claims costing us all millions.  Prompt, detailed investigations often reveal one or more aspects of a claim having little or no merit.

Our experienced management team and investigators work closely with your SIU department and law enforcement authorities investigating the merits of the claim.  

Our investigations have resulted in criminal prosecution and/or provided the justification to successfully compromise and resolve the claim.

No aspect of a claim is too small to ignore.


* Staged Accidents

* Organized Rings
* Medical Clinic Examinations

* Physician Billing Practices

* Homeowner Property Losses

* Stolen Vehicle
* Proven Track Record  
* Insurance SIU Experience

* Surveillance

* Videotape Depositions

* Neighborhood Activity Checks