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Gold River Investigations

* Insured / Claimant Interviews
* Insurance Fraud (SIU) Investigations

* Commercial Vehicles

* Cargo Salvage Claims

* Scene Investigations

* Uninsured Motorist

* Stolen Vehicle Claims

* Surveillance  
* Medical Records

* Civil Litigation Discovery

* Neighborhood Activity Check

* Subrogation

* Skip Trace Locates

* Police Reports  

* Injury Index Database

Personal Injury and Property Damange Investigations

Confidence Is the Value We Offer

Gaining your confidence is our number one objective! We are results oriented, customer service driven, service oriented company.  We incorporate aggressive investigative techniques, including 24-hour contact, and meeting your deadlines.

Investigations require the expertise of an experienced investigator well-versed with the insurance policy and the first party duties.  Our extensive claims experience includes an understanding medical standards, personal injury law, evidenciary procedure, and prosecution of of fraudulent claims.

Our objective is to assess the legal issues in order to properly set reserves and adjudicate the claim.  Our investigators are courteous and professional, dealing with sensitive information and often difficult emotional considerations often involving serious, catastrophic injuries.

Our expertise is unmatched by our competitors!  

Gold River Investigations offers value with over 25 years of in-house claims adjusting, litigation management, property damage, commercial claims, subrogation, and human resources experience.  Additionally, with 10 years of private investigations experience, we consistently met our client's expectations with litigation preparation, in-person interviews, fraud detection, and achieving successful outcomes to complex litigation.  

Our management oversees and brings the benefit of our experience to automobile, commercial vehicle, homeowner, and cargo salvage to our trained field staff.