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Worker’s Compensation Investigations

Worker Compensation - Investigative Value

Our team of experienced investigators promptly assess the allegations, documenting testimony and evidence necessary to accept or reject the claim.  

A results oriented, customer driven business dedicated to investigating the most complex and difficult legal issues by developing a strong relationship with employers, insurance companies, and claim administrators to prevent claims from becoming "contagious."  Our investigations are focused to detect exaggerated and/or fraudulent claims, verifying the legitimacy of the claim, and analyzing future liability of claims.

Backed by over thirty years of insurance investigations, defense, and litigation, you can be confident with our professional standards, expertise, and ethical conduct.  

High unemployment rates and workplace insecurity is one of many motivations of increased worker compensation claims and increasing costs.

Aging construction workers facing "aches and pains" and uncertainty with their retirement, employment options, and loosing healthcare benefits are enticed with alleging work related injuries.

Employers facing ever increasing economic pressures are reporting a rise of allegations of work related "stress," late reported, and repetitive injury type claims.

Prompt investigations often reduces the time off work, establishes motivations on the part of the injured workers and others.